Queens is the largest borough in NYC and has the most diverse population consisting of Asians, Jewish, African American, Caribbean, Hispanics, and Indians. Flushing, one of the largest neighborhoods in Queens is a major commercial hub for Chinese American and Korean American businesses.

The economy of Queens is based on tourism, industry, and trade. Because the New York metropolitan area has three major airports, the airspace overhead is among the busiest and most regulated in the world. John F. Kennedy International Airport is the country's busiest airport in terms of international travelers. Queens has witnessed the rebirth of film production — the return of an industry that had departed decades earlier — notably the Kaufman Studios in Astoria and the Silvercup Studios in Long Island City, where many notable television shows are made, including Sesame Street.

There are many more sites such as the U.S. Open tennis tournament, Flushing Meadows Park, World Fair Grounds, and New York Mets' Citifield Baseball Stadium.

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