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Why choose New York Immigration Fund as your Regional Center?

  1. NYIF's business is in the New York City metropolitan area. New York City is a major center for finance, real estate, business, media and the arts in the United States and in the world.
  2. NYIF is managed by an established real estate development team with significant experience in ownership, development, and construction. Our team has been involved in the completion of many projects in New York City.
  3. With our experience, NYIF has the capability to closely supervise all the real estate development projects to ensure the project moves properly from inception to completion of construction.
  4. To secure your $500,000 USD investment, NYIF will make the construction payments according to the building progress.
  5. The maximum number of jobs created from our projects has been approved by the USCIS in advance.
  6. To secure your Permanent Green Card, NYIF will limit the EB-5 investment and job creation number to less than the maximum number of jobs approved by USCIS for each project.
  7. Our experienced affiliated legal team will assist you in the EB-5 application process and will provide you with the most efficient and fastest service in working with the USCIS.
  8. Your $500,000 USD investment will be held in a protected escrow account at a major U.S. banking institute until approval of your I-526 petition by USCIS. Upon approval, you, your spouse and your children under 21 years old will get their Temporary Green Cards immediately. You and your family can come and live in U.S.A.
  9. If your I-526 petition is not approved, your $500,000 USD investment will be immediately returned to you.
  10. For your convenience, NYIF has opened or is planning to open branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, London and India.